Wednesday, 15 April 2015

News from the Office, April 2015 - TDSB Children's Mental Health Awareness Week


During Mental Health Awareness Week, Brown Public School welcomes back
1-2-3 Yoga for Kids for a week of yoga movement and breathing exercises for all of our students.

We know that mental well-being is vital to academic success. Yet mental well-being can often be overlooked.

Why Children’s Mental Well-Being matters

The fact is that children and youth can suffer from all of the same challenges that confront adults - anxiety, depression, eating disorders, mood disorders, substance abuse, and more.  Research consistently indicates that 1 in 5 children experience mental well-being issues.  This statistic translates into approximately 40,000 students in the TDSB.

Recognizing that some of our students experience some challenges we have started a CARING SPACES initiative.

Mental Health Initiatives at Brown P.S.

Our school has taken steps to combine our Caring Adult Framework and our Positive Spaces Initiative to create CARING SPACES.  Each day, students who feel they need some time to themselves instead of going out for recess can go to the library to spend time with a caring adult. Students may work quietly with a friend or on their own. They may read, catch up on homework or play a quiet game.  A safe space is available to all students in Grades 1-6 during AM and PM recess.

To read a TDSB newsletter about the Caring Adult Framework, click here.

Students feel supported when positive relationships are developed with caring adults in their schools. These positive relationships improve the mental health and well-being of all students and help strengthen our schools.  We all have responsibility for the mental health and well-being of today’s youth. The Mental Health Initiatives that we are developing at Brown P.S. is about bringing together as many partners as we can to challenge the stigma around mental health needs and create a strong support system for students and their families.

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