Thursday, 16 February 2017

February 10, 2017: Panther Press


 Hug-a-school Day February 14th
 World Changers Bake Sale February 14th, lunchtime
 Love and Friendship Assembly February 14th, 1 pm
 Report Cards come home February 14th - JKs and Grades 1-6
 PD Day - no school for students February 17
 Family Day - no school February 20th
 Kindergarten Registration February 21th - 24th - please call to make an
 French Speech Arts February 22nd
 English Speech Arts February 23rd
 Black History Month Assembly February 28th
 Parent Council March 6th, 9am
 March Break - no school March 13th - 17th
 School Dance March 31th - PM
 EQAO (for grades 3&6) May 24th - June 1st (please refrain from
 booking appointments during this window)
What an exciting day! Today we spent the day exploring and discovering all things STEM Science/Technology/Engineering/Math)! The Panthers were given the challenge of making a Wolf Free Island to save all the piggies of the world from the BIG BAD WOLF! Our Kindergartens built the lookout towers, the Grades 1s and 2s built many homes for the piggies (that could withstand many huffs and puffs), the Grade 3s built drawbridges (to allow the piggies to cross the water, but to ensure that the wolf couldn't cross too), the Grade 4s and some Grade 5s built pulley systems to allow for food transport to the piggies, the Grade 5s built homes that could withstand extreme weather (because you have to be prepared for everything) and the Grade 6s built an alarm that would sound should the wolf try and cross the water!

In the afternoon we all came together to share our discoveries, the challenges we faced and how we persevered through it all! The great news is ...the PIGGIES ARE SAFE and have no fear of the Big Bad Wolf anymore...

Way to go Panthers!
On Wednesday we were treated to an exhilarating, interactive musical performance called Kattam et ses Tamtams. This bilingual performance engaged all students from Grades 1-6 while introducing them to various dances and percussive and modal instruments like the jambes, doumbeks and the zurna. A great time was had by all!

A huge thank you to the Parent Council for supporting this performance!

We want to thank all the parents for their unwavering support regarding the Brown School Pool. Parent Council is working very closely with school administration, the TDSB and the City on this very important issue. As soon as more information become available we will let you know.
In June 2016, the Board approved the following motion regarding Pathways in the
Alternative School System;

Whereas, the Alternative Schools Advisory Committee established since the early 1990s has thrived within the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) providing invaluable programming at the elementary, middle and secondary school level; and

Whereas, ongoing support that adds depth to programming, an expansion of resources including personnel and infrastructure is much needed to support the demand for these schools across the GTA; and

Whereas, the following is in keeping with the vision and mandate of the TDSB by
addressing and providing avenues to serve students and families that need access coming from diverse segments of the population in all parts of the city; and

Whereas, current barriers include the lack of robust pathways from middle school
to secondary school, limitations based on entry requirements, geography, lottery
and such; and

Whereas, at the present time several Alternative programs and schools within the
TDSB are facing wait lists with families and children being subjected to random
selection through lottery; and

Whereas, there might be an opportunity to build capacity through formal and
informal training of administrative staff with an emphasis on expanding access and
pathways to students and families that could benefit the most;

Therefore, be it resolved:

That the Director:

(i)           research and plan in consultation with appropriate stakeholders including ASAC to find ways to minimize and remove barriers to access by creating pathways in the alternative school system within the TDSB. That is, the creation of additional seamless path from K-12 in the alternative system that includes the elementary, middle school and secondary school levels;

(ii)        proactively explore the expansion and variety of alternative programs and schools including staffing (teaching, support and administration) to support enrollment demands and interest from the community through active consultation and review with ASAC on an ongoing basis;

(iii)    plan in partnership with ASAC for future growth through research, development in teaching, learning and professional development at all levels of management within the system. That is, Executive and all levels of management (Principals, Superintendents and others);

(iv)         present a report on (i) to (iii) above to the Program and School Services Committee, for action and completion within school year 2016-17.

As such, a review is underway and the following public consultation meetings have
been scheduled;

- Thursday, March 23 from 6:30 - 8:00 pm @ former Eastern Commerce CI, 16 Phin Ave (Library)

- Tuesday, March 28 from 6:30 - 8:00 pm @ Western Technical Commercial School, 125 Evelyn Cres (Library)

Please note that consultation evenings are open to all parents. Would you kindly share
this information with your community - additional details can be found on the TDSB web:

Parent Council is hosting a Valentine's Skating Party on Sunday February 12th,
4-6pm, at Ramsden Park 1020 Yonge Street (just by Rosedale subway station).
Grab your friends, bring your skates and come out for a fun night of skating in the neighbourhood. Hot chocolate and treats will be provided! This is a free event and everyone is welcome!

We have recently purchased 200 new team uniforms for the Cross Country, Baseball, Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Badminton, Frisbee, Soccer and Track teams.  The new performance shirts were funded by Brown School Parent Council. The Parent Council raises the money to provide these services through various fundraising initiatives throughout the year. We thank all Brown School parents for their time and generous donations! 
Atlantis Swim School runs swim programs at our own Brown School Pool.
What is Atlantis Swim?

From bubbles to butterfly, we teach children 4 months and up how to safely swim in small, fun, and dynamic classes, and evaluate them using the criteria put forth from the Red Cross swimming program. Since 1986, our classes have taught children the essentials of swimming, how to stay safe in and around water, advanced techniques for competing or eventual life guarding, and everything in between.
Next Swim lesson sessions begin March 20th
For more information, please click on the following link:
Free Saturday Swim at Brown School Pool
Saturday, February 4 @ 11:00 am - Sunday, May 28 @ 1:00 pm

Atlantis and Pedalheads is hosting a Free Swim every Saturday from 11:00am to 1:00pm for children of any age! Parents are welcome to enjoy the free swim with their child as well. We will have life guards and highly qualified instructors on site during the free swim as well. Come out and enjoy a free swim on us! 
Calling all Grandparents, Retirees, or anyone interested!

Toronto Police Service School Crossing Guard Association is looking to hire school crossing guards!

If you know grandparents and/or retirees in the neighborhood who are interested in helping out and getting some fresh air throughout the school day, please have them contact:

Officer Wai Lau
P.C. #3765
School Crossing Guard Coordinator
53 Division
Toronto Police Service
416-808- 5327
Please keep the following in mind during morning drop-off:
This is a gentle reminder that Kiss & Ride is a drop off zone, on Poplar Plains Road, for students grades 1-6 only. Kindergarten children must be walked to their classrooms.
This program is staffed completely by Brown parent volunteers, from 8:25-8:40am. 
A few reminders for all parents:
  • There is no parking in the designated Kiss & Ride drop off area, or in the school bus zone between 8:25am and 8:40am for ANY reason.  
  • When using Kiss & Ride, drivers must stay in the vehicle; volunteers will open the doors for your child(ren) on the passenger side of the car.
  • If you must enter the schoolyard or your child is not able to walk in alone you need to park on one of the side streets where parking is permitted. 
  • Parking in the Kiss'n'Ride zone is NOT permitted.
  • For safety reasons, the Avenue Road Driveway is only to be used by TDSB Facilities staff, and Brown Administration.
  • Please note that the parking lot off Poplar Plains is for Brown School Staff only.
  • Our program relies on volunteers. Please be courteous with our Kiss & Ride volunteers!              
Morning Parking is available in the neighbourhood in these areas:
  • 10 minutes parking on Lynwood between Avenue Rd. and Poplar Plains
  • on Warren Road
  • VERY LIMITED parking on Poplar Plains near Lynwood
  • on Balmoral Ave East and West of Poplar Plains, and East of Avenue Road
  • On Clarendon Avenue.