Monday, 23 June 2014

Student Showcase - June 2014


The Cadbury Chocolate Factory
My class went to the Cadbury Chocolate Factory.  What I liked best at the factory was learning about Chocolate Science because the teachers there taught us how chocolate was invented.  We got to eat pure chocolate beans and chocolate sugar.  We learned that only 7 people in the world know the ingredients of the Cadbury chocolate top secret C-essence.  We got to shop at the Factory Store.  That was so cool because the chocolate and candy was so cheap (like 25 cents for one big chocolate egg)!

Unfortunately we didn't get to see any chocolate being made that day because the machines were off.  But we saw the office that the president of the factory sat in.  (spoiler alert) There was a secret safe behind a picture on the wall!  Inside that safe was a HUGE chocolate bar!  We learned that before the factory sold chocolate it used to sell milk.  In the president's office we saw pictures of the factory from 100 years ago.  These are the things I loved about the Cadbury Chocolate Factory trip!

S.B., Rm 35

My Trip to Harbourfront
Our class went on an art trip to Harbourfront.  On the way there, some weird things happened.  While I was on the bus we hit a huge bump which made me fall out of my seat.  Also, my friend and I found a hole on the back of our seat with a juice box inside.  Our trip to Harbourfront was strange!

Harbourfront was unique in many ways.  I thought it was cool that Harbourfront had paintings that are used as solar panels.  We made unique animal print art out of linoleum blocks.  We also got to go outside onto some astroturf.  There I played tag with my friends. There was a stage in the middle of the field which is very unique, too.  Now you know why I feel that Harbourfront is unique.

The rest of the day was not as exciting.  The trip back was uneventful.  When we got back to school we got to play outside for 30 minutes.  That was my whole day at Harbourfront.

B.Y., Rm 35